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Re: [HLL] Coming to Germany

> Hmmm... I (speaking for myself) could manage to get/be free this Weekend. But it
> makes less Sense if Volker(as Hitachi Guru) and Ingo(as driving Force behind us)
> and last not least Frank(as Designer of the Phoneinterface) where not there.
> I phoned them but I got only fucking Answeringmashines.
> ..... Meanwhile I reached Ingo. He said if this weekend Sunday is best for him
> but not the whole Day. Saturday he can't promise.

In this case it's probably best to plan some other time. We haven't been
able to get a car either, so we would have rented one, which would have been
rather expensive anyway... But let's plan this sooner rather than later.
Next weekend however is my birthday. You could all come to A'dam and get a
party thrown in for free...

Or we could come to germany, but thenm it would probably be two weeks from


Rop Gonggrijp <rop@xs4all.nl>

                Floris: "nggnnn l.. nn   m     b ugj b   n."