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Re: [HLL] Coming to Germany

At 00:57 05.02.1998 +0100, you wrote:
>Alex and myself would like to come visit you in Germany. We need to know
>where exactly you are. Also: this saturday might be a remote possibility, if
>you are all available, and we can get hold of a car.
>Some quick planning ?

Hmmm... I (speaking for myself) could manage to get/be free this Weekend. But it
makes less Sense if Volker(as Hitachi Guru) and Ingo(as driving Force behind us)
and last not least Frank(as Designer of the Phoneinterface) where not there.
I phoned them but I got only fucking Answeringmashines.
..... Meanwhile I reached Ingo. He said if this weekend Sunday is best for him
but not the whole Day. Saturday he can't promise.

CU Hacko

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