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[HLL] First attempt at website up

The very first attempt at a website is up at


It probably still describes the project a little bit too much from my point
of view. I'd really like you all to look at the texts, tell me where I'm too
definitive, too vague or just wrong. Tell me something... I need input!

Also: I'd like more info about the German prototype. It's probably best if
you make a page about it, but if you send me some info, I could also make

There may not be that many pages on-line, but I'll make an honest attempt to
keep them somewhat up to date.

(There is also an HTML mailing list archive, everything works if this
message is automagically included).

Please look at these pages, since they are a first impression of this
project that quite a few people are going to get. Also: If anyone is
_really_ attached to total anonymity, yet was silly enough to send HLL mail
under his real name, this is a good time to speak up. We could still do a
global search-replace on the archive (but we'd rather not...:-)

What's going to be the status of this site (and of the project as whole)?
I'd say it's open to anyone that knows it's there. No passwds or anything...
Shall I put a mailto:hll@cypherpunks.to somewhere in there?


Rop Gonggrijp <rop@xs4all.nl>

                Floris: "nggnnn l.. nn   m     b ugj b   n."