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[HLL] Dokumentation


Hi !

> I've rallied a good number of experts in the field of vocoders and voice
> encryption to help you with your HLP. But they are all waiting for your
> webpages with the design constraints and decisions made. Which are way
> overdue.

Sorry - sorry - sorry ;-)

We all know they are overdue, but:

- - We (i) have to make a living with other time-consuming stuff.
  Especially i had to finish some commercial software, and i was
  late for about 10 days to deliver it. This is _a_lot_of_stress_...
  However, it's done now (puuuh...).

- - There is already a lot of work going on with this projekt.
  Although not documented we are making progresses :-)
  Much of this work does not really suffer with bad documentation,
  because it would take more time to document it, than you would
  gain when doing so.
  While this is probably not true for "design issues" (coder etc.),
  it is imho true for "the hard part" i.e. most of the work where
  you already know what to do. And this is a very big part of the job.

These are the main reasons why documentation is so poor.

> Now the above mentioned experts ask me why there are no pages yet. And
> they are wondering how serious you really are about this project.

I can assure you we are rather serious about it. You can see it with
the history of the project - first ideas/work started about 2 years ago.

Ok, i'll write some (pure text) html-pages to document design-issues.
I could also scan some old (dsp-based) circuit-diagrams.
Hacko might provide circuit-plans for our new design.
Hope that will help to get documentation started.

In the field of codecs, we want to try with something giving rather
poor voice-quality, but also low bitrates (so async-mode will work).
Hacko can tell you more about that, LPC might be a suitable choice.


Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: latin1