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Re: [HLL] Where are the web pages?

On Sun, Feb 01, 1998 at 05:07:32AM +0100, Lucky Green wrote:
> I've rallied a good number of experts in the field of vocoders and voice
> encryption to help you with your HLP. But they are all waiting for your
> webpages with the design constraints and decisions made. Which are way
> overdue.

Some of the Harmless Lazy People will come together and actually set up
a Harmless Little Site later today.

But serious, Rop and I have been wanting to set up the site for quite some
time now, but children (Rop), busy jobs (me), house redesign (me) and
vsrious other bits (both) have delayed this.

Rop and I will get together today, and not stop drinking coffee (me) and
diet coke (Rop) until we have a site.

So please send the stuff you want on it to rop@batavia.xs4all.nl.



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