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[HLL] Discussion

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Hallo !

Again we had a little discussion here ;-)
These are some of the results:

* We really want to stay with our 25-Mips-Machine,
  because we think we can make it work and it has big advantages:
  - Cheap hardware
  - Cheap (free) sw-development tools.
  - Fully transparent hardware/software (no "special" parts).
  - Advanced state of our design-phase.

* To solve the bandwidth-problem, we will try to go the same way
  as pgp-phone does. So we will have a close look at their source,
  to which we will probably get access.
  They say they use gsm-halfrate, but details are unclear for now.

* Deadline for changes to hw-design will be in about a week.
  Only minor changes are expected...
  First prototypes will be there in 3-4 weeks from now ?!?

* We understand the need for a web-site for our projekt.
  However there is nobody here who has time/skill to set it up :-(
  Maybe we can do that later, it will be really important as soon
  as the project is "done" and first prototypes running.

* Compromising rf is on our mind, but not too important for now.
  As mentioned before, tapping your apartment is probably more easy.
  Our device is a "privacy"-device - and _not_ ultra-secure !

At the moment i'm a bit busy - so i won't be very active writing text here.
Sorry about that, but i'm still reading everything carefully ;-)


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