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Re: [HLL] Compromising Coupling

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> Recently looked in to the matter of compromising emmisions coupled into 
> wires. We should carefully design the filtering components for the 
> line-interface to the modem, the power cord and the line to the 
> telephone. Has anyone real-world experiences with this matter? Otherwise 
> I volunteer to check the possibilities of filtering under technical and 
> economical viewpoints.

Another matter jumps to mind. The choice of the attached telephone. There
are really bad phones that emit RF like crazy (no, _not_ cordless phones).

The question is how far do we want to take this issue. I think it would be
safe to say that on most phones with a halfway decent line-interface this
is not a significant problem. If the opponent is willing to operate on or
realy near your premises with relatively high-tech receiving equipment
they would opt to bug your room because it would provide better sound
quality and more and better intelligence. 

But ofcourse the line-interface needs to be as low on emitted RF as we can
make it.

Rop Gonggrijp <rop@xs4all.nl>

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