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Re: [HLL] Compromising Coupling

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On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Rop Gonggrijp wrote:
> The question is how far do we want to take this issue. I think it would be
> safe to say that on most phones with a halfway decent line-interface this
> is not a significant problem. If the opponent is willing to operate on or
> realy near your premises with relatively high-tech receiving equipment
> they would opt to bug your room because it would provide better sound
> quality and more and better intelligence. 

Correct. Besides, you can't TEMPEST a box for anything near $100.
Separate the red and black parts of the HLB as far as you can, other than
that, you would probably do best to ignore the EM problems for  the
moment. The HLB won't be TEMPEST certified.

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