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[HLL] VP1 Protocol

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I understand there's some interest in using the VP1 protocol to build
interoperable (or more or less interoperable) equipment.

Fine by me.  In fact, if you can hold on a day or two, I can get an
updated version of the document done, that spells out the forward
error correction, etc.

I've got some thoughts on async solutions too.  You want to be sure
that you are minimizing latency.  Latency is *way* more important from
a usability viewpoint than throughput.  There are a host of speech
coders to choose from.  Use one that fits within the bandwidth you've
got available.  I think that if you run some experiments, you will
rapidly come to the conclusion that you want to turn V.42 off.  In
that case, you're looking at a net throughput of 1440 bytes/sec on a
14,400 bps channel.