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On Fri, 16 Jan 1998, Volker Ernst wrote:

> Our HLB uses a 30MHz/32-bit risc-cpu. This gives us about 25 Mips, i expect.
> Standard-gsm needs about 10Mips (full-duplex), crypto needs about 5 Mips.
> Let's have 5 Mips for everything remaining - then we use about 20 Mips.
> So there is not much room left to complicate things...
> It's not that we could not build an even more powerful HLB-hardware ;-)
> But this would make it much more complex/expensive and should be avoided !!!
> We would probably have to use 'real DSPs' again.

The information on CELP that I found (somewhere on the web, gotta look it
up again), claimed that CELP would not run realtime on a 486DX4-100. More
like 10% of realtime. Now I'm not sure how many MIPS a 486 has, but I bet
it's more than 2.5 :(


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