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Re: [HLL] Comments on modem speed & mission goal

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On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Frank Rieger wrote:

> >But still 14.4 would be nice if it fits (and Volker seems pretty sure that
> >it will ;-) because 14.4 is usually what you get over international
> >circuits. 
> OK, I forgot the international line-quality. Is this still that bad?

It is on the transatlantic links. The transpacific links are  better,
since there is some overcapacity, so they don't turn up the compression
quite as high.

> >Wild idea (optional feature!): How about an uncompressed mode if it sees
> >enough bandwidth, so one could use these hayes compatible async ISDN
> >terminal adapters.
> Good idea, assumed, that ISDN will be the basic interface at least in 
> Europe for the time to come.

What to do when you have a B channel to work with would be the least of my
worries. I would keep it simple and keep it operating under less than
ideal line conditions. To get the most benefits for everybody, that
probably means a 14.4 modem with a 9600 baud (perhaps even
lower?) fallback mode. Beware of feature creep, the death of many

Have fun,
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