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Re: [HLL] Comments on modem speed & mission goal

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>But still 14.4 would be nice if it fits (and Volker seems pretty sure that
>it will ;-) because 14.4 is usually what you get over international

OK, I forgot the international line-quality. Is this still that bad?

>Wild idea (optional feature!): How about an uncompressed mode if it sees
>enough bandwidth, so one could use these hayes compatible async ISDN
>terminal adapters.

Good idea, assumed, that ISDN will be the basic interface at least in 
Europe for the time to come.

>Doesn't save any bandwidth, this mode was only in PGPfone for use with
>half-suplex sound cards, and they are becoming rare. Only old V22 1200/75
>modems, some cablemodems and ADSL have different rates up and down, but V22
>is too slow, and with cable-modems or ADSL bandwidth is no longer a problem.

What about GSM cellular? Is it really full duplex?

>> The goal should be, to have a minimum security time for the transmission, 
>> that equals the normal outdate-time for the usual "crimes". 8-) So a 10 
>> year security should be achieved.
>But just remember that a new session key is negotiated every single
>phonecall. So whoever wants to decrypt has to start over after every call.
>Major headache.

But one call may cost you your head, if it gets decrypted. No more 
headache, but not that funny thing in Bangladesh, China or Burundi.