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Notes on summer partys here

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Hi all hippies,

Surely this is probably a good place to discuss partys in Buenos Aires. I 
happen to be in South America now, it is summer and there are lots of
partys. I've only scratched the surface and are now getting a clue for 
direction and learning alot of the very different Spanish spoken here.
(It is just about the same in written form and therefore quite easy to
keep up with the news or read a book that is not at too advanced level)
The spoken form is extremely different and even getting most passive in 
tiempo realto is super difficult.

Oke, partys. Well people tend to work hard during the week, but come the
weekend and everyone does it. I have been to several in several places
arround here. Alot of 'consumption',  mostly in food takes place. I can 
not possibly keep up! Drinking is quite moderate however and smoking the
alternative tobacco is quite popular. They smoke it puur here! (And i
cough out my lungs) Another twist is "Dragon Verde" or 'Green Dragon'
which is made by placing pot in vodka for atleast a week and preferably
much longer. This is quite a crazy drink and one must take very little.

The white powder is very available and super cheap. ($5-$10/gram) The
people i party here prefer to smoke and that is just as well. Other party
things are not socially tollerated and generally not available. This
includes 'XTC' and all other hard drugs. All substances (except hash) are
legal in their 'herb form'. 

One final note, there is an interesting and popular herbal tea called
(sounds like) 'monthee' which is an ephedra thee and is the most perfect
sober-up drink. Coffee is still good in the morning however.

See all at the first party in feb!

Party on.....