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Re: [HLL] Audio-Delay

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On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Rop Gonggrijp wrote:
[My company is gearing up for the RSA Conference, so just some quick

On delay: IMHO, anything over 200ms round trip is bad. Anything over
300ms and you might as well use PGPFone. :-)

> Also: echo suppresion of looped back audio can be a problem (especially for
> people with speakers next to their microphone, but also for people with
> ordinary phones (no phone is a perfect hybrid)). Let's not worry about it
> now though. It will work without, it's just a little more comfortable if it
> supresses feedback.

Echo cancelation should be in decent digital telephony. But echo is not
nearly as anoying as delay. The brain will quickly ignore echo. It can't
ignore delay.

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