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Re: [HLL] Audio-Delay

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> >what is the maximum admissible audio-delay between end-users ?
> In the german telephone net, 20ms is standard. 8-)
> As I see it, anything more than 200ms one-way is increasingly 
> problematic. 400ms round-trip is what you get on international lines, if 
> you begin to feel uncomfortable.

Remember that the delay on the international circuits is added to any
processing delays within our hardware/software. But the good part is that
most circuits are cable now, so there is less circuit-delay. Billsf is an
absolute expert on international telephony, so if we ever need to know real
specific things, we should ask billsf@cuba.xs4all.nl. He should definitely
be an advisor on the design and debugging of the phone interface part.

Also: echo suppresion of looped back audio can be a problem (especially for
people with speakers next to their microphone, but also for people with
ordinary phones (no phone is a perfect hybrid)). Let's not worry about it
now though. It will work without, it's just a little more comfortable if it
supresses feedback.