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Re: [HLL] Comments on modem speed & mission goal

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On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Frank Rieger wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just tried to buy a 14.4 Modem at a local computer shop - they dont 
> have them anymore. So using 28.8 will be a good way to go. The pitty with 
> this is the unability to use the HLB with GSM-phone data connections. So 
> lets hope for next generation mobil phone systems supporting 28.8 
> physical...

The next generation of cellphones here in the US will have 128kbps data.
:-) Unfortunately they won't be deployed until the year 2000. :-(

> The goal should be, to have a minimum security time for the transmission, 
> that equals the normal outdate-time for the usual "crimes". 8-) So a 10 
> year security should be achieved.

That's easy to achive. 2048 DH and 128 bit Blowfish or 3DES, assuming no
fundamental flaws in the algorithm and P!=NP, will outlive your children.

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