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Re: [HLL] Comments on modem speed & mission goal

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> I just tried to buy a 14.4 Modem at a local computer shop - they dont 
> have them anymore. So using 28.8 will be a good way to go. The pitty with 
> this is the unability to use the HLB with GSM-phone data connections. So 
> lets hope for next generation mobil phone systems supporting 28.8 
> physical...

But still 14.4 would be nice if it fits (and Volker seems pretty sure that
it will ;-) because 14.4 is usually what you get over international
circuits. A fallback to 9600 would rock completely. This should all be
transparent to the user, and the box should just use the maximum bandwidth
it senses at startup.

Wild idea (optional feature!): How about an uncompressed mode if it sees
enough bandwidth, so one could use these hayes compatible async ISDN
terminal adapters.

> Maybee it would be wise to have a radio-communications like mode, so you 
> dont have to go duplex on slow lines. (PGPfone supports this and I used 
> it several times succesfull) Before you speak, just press a key. 

Doesn't save any bandwidth, this mode was only in PGPfone for use with
half-suplex sound cards, and they are becoming rare. Only old V22 1200/75
modems, some cablemodems and ADSL have different rates up and down, but V22
is too slow, and with cable-modems or ADSL bandwidth is no longer a problem.
> The goal should be, to have a minimum security time for the transmission, 
> that equals the normal outdate-time for the usual "crimes". 8-) So a 10 
> year security should be achieved.

But just remember that a new session key is negotiated every single
phonecall. So whoever wants to decrypt has to start over after every call.
Major headache.