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Re: [HLL] CPU-Type

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At 18:58 04.01.1998 +0100, you wrote:
>> At the time that we had our _great_ talk/discussion/etc at the CCC, I was
>> about 20hrs behind on my sleeping schedule, so I  can't quite remember what
>> microcontroller we were going to use. (Of course it doesn't help that I
>> wouldn't recognize a microcontroller if it bit me in the ass :)
>          SH7040 - SH2, 112_Pins/64K_Rom
>          SH7041 - SH2, 144_Pins/64K_Rom   <--- That's our device !
>          SH7042 - SH2, 112_Pins/128K_Rom
>          SH7043 - SH2, 144_Pins/128K_Rom
Ahem... Hi Volker but I made the Board for the SH7040.
It has a 16Bit Design for the Sram and a 8 Bit for the (external) Rom.
As you know we made this design to have less Parts on the Board.


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