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[HLL] Some ideas on the Harmless Little Protocol

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Some thoughts on HLP:

Here are some things that I think we might want in it:

1. It should be extensible, so there should be some real 'option
negotiation' during protocol setup. Something like A going "I can do
3DES, BLOWFISH and DES; in that order of preference" Then B answering
"Ok, since I can do BLOWFISH, RC5 and DES; let's use BLOWFISH"

2. The ability of the audio compression layer to fall back to a lower
speed. This might be because the modems retrained on a lower speed, or
because something else wants to use the encrypted connection as well.
We were talking about that by using a frame based approach with a
frame-type field in each frame.

3. I don't think we would want a 'reliable' (like TCP) connection
protocol. One lost packet might cause severe delays in the datastream,
which would not be acceptable. Something 'unreliable', like UDP might
be more appropriate.

A conversation might go like this:

Device A					Device B

Hi! I'm HLP version 1			Hi! I'm HLP version 2, but I'll step down to
version 1
Ok, I know BLOWFISH and DES			I know 3DES, BLOWFISH and DES. Let's use
				[Key exchange happens]
Allright, we seem to have a 28k8		Ok, I can do that.
link. Let's use the 25kbit codec	

Ok, that's it for tonight. Time to relax.


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